Our Services

We are set up to provide engineering, procurement, operations and maintenance solutions and services in the following areas:

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  • Supply of OEM Spares, Sub-Assembly Rebuilds and Overhauls, Specialized Manpower Services.
  • Centrax Gas Turbines: Sale and service of KB5 (3.9MW) and KB7 (5.3MW) .
  • Siemens Turbines { TA, TB, TD, SGT-200(Tornado) }
  • Solar Turbines { Saturn® 10, Centaur® 40/50, Taurus™ 60, Mars® 90/100}
  • GE Turbines {LM1600, LM2500, LM6000, FRAMES 5 – 9}
  • Turbo-Generators 10 – 65MVA.
  • PRISMIC® Excitation and Power Management Systems
  • High Voltage STEP-UP Transformers and TAPCHANGERS
  • Switch Gears
  • Aftermarket Support:Repairs on site , Specialist Manpower, Spare Parts, Installations and Commissioning Services, Overhauls and Upgrades, Routine Inspections and Maintenance, 3rd party machines
  • Supply of OEM Spares, Sub-Assembly Rebuilds and Overhauls Specialized Manpower Services.
  • Inspections and Overhauls.
  • Waukesha ,CAT , Superior and Ajax Gas Swing Engines
  • Supply of Fairbanks Morse Engines
  • Ariel, Ajax and Superior Reciprocating Compressor Packages.
  • Inspections and Overhauls .
  • Spares
  • We carry out gas compression equipment routine maintenance, fault
    inspections and repair services.
  • Single Carcass Self-Floating Hoses.
  • Double Carcass Anti-Pollution Floating Hoses.
  • Single and Double Carcass SUBMARINE Hoses.
  • DEEPFLO API17K Mid-Water Export Hoses.
  • Drilling Hoses, Mud Hoses, Choke and Kill Hoses.
  • Hose Installation Services
  • Inspection, Testing and Re-certification of all brands of marine hoses.

    Jonell filters application in the following areas:
  • Offshore Exploration & Production – Water injection down hole contaminant removers, Compressor suction filters, Turbine ultrafine coalescers.
  • Gas Processing & Transmission – Fuel gas filtration, Lube Oil filtration, Activated carbon and Solid filtration, Glycol carryover remover etc.
  • Power Generation – Hydraulic and Lubricant filter, Water Treatment filter, Air Intake filter and Gas stream filter.
  • Refinery & Petrochemical- Ultralow Nox protection, Final Product filtration, etc.
  • Ignition Systems CPU-95.
  • Engine Controls.
  • Control Panels.
  • GTI Bi Fuel System.
  • IMBU Remote monitoring of assets.
  • Temperature.
  • Vibration.
  • Pressure.
  • Any Parameter.
  • Transmits by GSM, wifi, satellite.
  • iPad App.